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a podcast that explores medicine and technology through the eyes of experts.

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Want to know the real truths about the American healthcare system? Curious about what big tech is doing with your data? Or about the life of a physician during a global pandemic?

Through in-depth interviews with experts in their fields, Master Minds is an up-close and personal look into the worlds of medicine, technology, and their intersections. Journey with us to learn about everything from the scientific research of today to the innovation of tomorrow.

Recent Episodes

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Mission to Mars, Venus, and the Moon with Prof. Raymond Arvidson


Contagion, Cadavers, and the Human Comedy with Prof. Rebecca Messbarger


Our Team

Mishka Narasimhan, Founder & Co-Host

Mishka is a sophomore undergraduate student studying Biology and Bioinformatics. In life, she is deeply passionate about three main things: bettering healthcare, refining her coding skills, and good quality boba. Though she is a strong believer that technology will continue to solve the world's greatest problems, she can't decide whether its advent has been net good or bad. As she navigates her interests through Master Minds, she's excited to take you along for the ride!

Will Leidig, Co-Host

Will is an undergraduate student at WashU studying Neuroscience and Jazz Studies. When he’s not practicing the saxophone or studying for classes, he loves to watch movies with friends and explore the food culture of St. Louis (although the pizza here is not as good as it is in Chicago). He is interested in cancer biology and is currently researching neurosurgical treatments for brain tumors! Master Minds is a good excuse for him to learn from some amazing people and share the experience with others.